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Who are the Foodie Folk?

At Foodie Folk, we are people who are passionate about food—proper food that tastes the way it should and is prepared using the finest ingredients. What we bring to you is simple, fresh, good food. We are specialists in beautiful informal food with an upmarket twist.

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Specialists in beautiful food.
Our Food

Our Food

At Foodie Folk, we are people who are passionate about food—proper food that tastes the way it should and is prepared using the finest ingredients. What we bring to you is simple, fresh, good food. We are specialists in beautiful informal food with an upmarket twist. It’s the attention to detail that makes our food different.

Every dish we create is special and has our own special touch. For instance, you may order a burger but it will be a burger with the best local meat, a fresh bap from our local bakery, topped with fresh leaves and a range of quality cheese and condiments. Or think about a corporate breakfast. You’ll only get quality coffee and buns when you bring us in to cater. We offer delicious freshly made fruit smoothies and locally roasted single estate coffee, home cooked finger food and Anne’s’ tray bakes—just the right way to get your company event off to an energised, enthusiastic start! Need a working lunch at your conference? What about a buffet of Yellow Door breads, cold meats, chorizo skewers, garlic & chilli prawn skewers, Gazpacho cup, salt cod dip and homemade tapenade.

Keep it simple… Do it RIGHT!

We strongly believe that simplicity does not have to mean food that is boring, lacking in sensuality and a richness of flavour and experience. We bring you wholesome yet exciting food in a setting of your convenience and choice.

A sun-kissed summer lunch in the great outdoors of the countryside, a light and sophisticated buffet for a business social, or an intimate family gathering – The Foodie Folk can get it done!

We also place great importance on using high quality and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible in all that we create. This benefits the local community, supports small business and farmers, alongside ensuring quality since we know where our ingredients come from. Most importantly, they are fresh and just make the food taste so much better!

Variety is the Spice of Life! We Live by that At Foodie Folk!

Our food never fails to make people smile. And that’s no surprise—it is inspiring, beautifully presented, exceeds expectations and just simple, fresh, great food.

Our menus are also respectful of your food choices. Whether you are an ardent meat-lover or a passionate vegetarian, we are dedicated to creating menus that offer variety, creativity and quality, keeping in mind your choices and preferences.!

Just try our Hot Italian Sausage and our Orzo Pasta with roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, and you’ll realise we really mean what we say.

When it comes to meat, we are obsessed with using the highest quality produce possible. All our beef and pork comes from the trusted hands of the famous Hannan’s of Moira, the first choice for many Michelin Star chefs.

Hannan’s beef is especially renowned for the dry-aging process it goes through using Himalayan Salt cellars and taking 4 to 6 weeks to come to the perfection it is famous for. You have to try our Dry Aged Rib-eye Steak to know why it takes that long.

  • Locally sourced ingredients chosen with a great emphasis on quality and freshness
  • Wholesome simplicity coupled with richness of flavour and great taste
  • All our meats come from Hannan’s of Moira – the choice of Michelin star chefs!
  • We only use Hannan’s dry aged beef treated in unique Himalayan salt chambers
  • We are respectful of your eating choices- Vegetarian choices also available

It’s not just about Barbeques and Burgers –Try our Curries!

Remember, our menus are not limiting in any way. If you want it, we can make it! It isn’t all just about barbeques, steaks and burgers with us; we make some extraordinary curries too! Just tell us what you want to eat; we’ll find a way to cook it and make it lip-smacking, finger-licking good! With Foodie Folk, you know you’re talking to the right people.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Denis McCotter

Partner / WH Stephens

WH Stephens

“We used Foodie Folk for a late summer Bar B Q on the quay adjacent the SS Nomadic to celebrate our 150th year in business. We were delighted with the quality of food and service provided by them that ensured our guests had a very enjoyable evening. The approach and professional service of Mark and…

Patricia Maxwell

Proprietor / Bumbles Day Care

Bumbles Day Care

"Having used Foodie Folk on numerous occasions, I couldn't recommend them highly enough! Mark and his team provide a high quality and very friendly service providing excellent outside catering options. I have brought in Foodie Folk for commercial and private events and have always been delighted with the quality and range of food provided. Feedback…

Colin Hassard

Sales & Marketing Manager / Tech Europe (Lisburn)

Tech Europe (Lisburn)

“I could not recommend Mark and his Foodie Folk team more highly! With great local food, friendly, efficient service and a dollop of originality (ask about the Christmas kebabs!), Foodie Folk provide a quality on-site catering solution for any work environment, whatever the weather. We have used them three times for office events and will…